VPS Upgrade Guide

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First you need to uncache the instance to migrate it.

vzctl stop $VEID && vzuncache -af $VEID && vzuncache -af $VEID - For some reason you need to run uncache twice, otherwise there will be problems.

Next move the account.

vzmigrate -r no $DEST $VEID:$NEWID

NEW VPS SERVER: Apply Upgrades

It is very important that you verify the type of Virtuozzo install on the server you are working on. You can do this by running this command:

grep SLM\= /etc/sysconfig/vz

If this command returns:


Use the following commands to upgrade:

vzctl set $VEID --applyconfig vps2 --save

If that command works, you may safely ignore the rest of this subsection.

Else if the command returns:


Use these commands to upgrade:

vzctl set $VEID --slmmode slm --save
vzctl set $VEID --slmmemorylimit 1G:1G --save

To set a VPS1's disk space on vz001-vz149:

vzctl set $VEID --diskspace 52428800:52428800 --diskinodes 2628735:2628735 --save

To upgrade the disk space from a VPS1 to a VPS2, run the following for vz001-vz149:

vzctl set $VEID --diskspace 104857600:104857600 --diskinodes 2628735:2628735 --save

And for dc2-vps2-151 and greater:

vzctl set $VEID --diskspace 104857600:104857600 --diskinodes 27689506:27689506 --save