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Set up NFS shares:

zfs set sharenfs=rw,nosuid, syspool/export/home/music

Change NTP servers:

/etc/inet/ntp.conf is the config file.

Add hard drive:

With ZFS there is no need to partition drives, just install the drive in the server and attach it to your pool. For example, to convert a single drive pool into a mirror run this command:

zpool attach rpool c4d0s0 c4d1s0


The default procmail configuration doesn't appear to deliver mail, add these lines to /etc/procmailrc

sndr config:

root@cluster2:~# sndradm -i
solaris-pri /dev/rdsk/c2d0s0 /dev/zvol/rdsk/syspool/bitmap01 solaris-sec /dev/rdsk/c2d1s0 /dev/zvol/rdsk/syspool/bitmap01 ip sync g primary
solaris-pri /dev/rdsk/c1d1s0 /dev/zvol/rdsk/syspool/bitmap00 solaris-sec /dev/rdsk/c2d0s0 /dev/zvol/rdsk/syspool/bitmap00 ip sync g primary

Open Solaris

Install Real Player:

Go to and download the package.

mkdir /opt/realplayer
gtar -C /opt/realplayer -xjvf RealPlayer11Gold-x86.tar.bz2

Set up Blastwave:

Install command line mixer:

Make sure stuff needed to compile is installed:
pkg install sunstudioexpress SUNWaudh
gtar xzvf mixer-1.3.tar.gz
cd mixer-1.3
/opt/SunStudioExpress/bin/cc -o mixer mixer.c
pfexec cp mixer /usr/local/bin/

Set up MP3 support for gstreamer:

Download the mp3 codec at
Extract the tar file and place the lib file under /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10
run gst-inspect flump3dec

Set keyboard repeat rate:

xset r rate 300 35