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Restoring Your System Software to the Initial Installation

If you have already installed packages from the repository, it is possible that your software installation may contains packages that are incompatible with one another. In some cases, the system may not boot completely or will boot with errors.

As OpenSolaris 2008.05 is built on ZFS file system technology, it is possible to "rollback" the software installation to the state following the original installation. This step should be taken with care as all software packaging changes since installation will be lost. However, user data including the files under the /export directory will be retained.

NOTE: If you've already upgraded to builds beyond 86, then this rollback is neither necessary nor recommended.

If you wish to perform this system software rollback, boot your system using the OpenSolaris 2008.05 LiveCD. Open a terminal window and enter the following sequence of commands:

   $ pfexec mkdir /altroot
   $ pfexec zpool import -R /altroot -f rpool
   $ pfexec zfs rollback -R rpool/ROOT/opensolaris@install 

At this point, the system may be rebooted into the original environment:

   $ pfexec reboot

Be sure to eject the CD after the system resets.