Adding a new OST

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Expanding a lustre FS can be accomplished by adding additional disks to your storage nodes. Once this has been done the disk will need to be formatted and mounted.

First, get a list of indexes used in the file system. Run this on the metadata server.

cat /proc/fs/lustre/lov/lustre-MDT0000-mdtlov/target_obd

You can also find this on a lustre client.

lfs osts | tail -1

Format the drive.

mkfs.lustre --ost --fsname=lustre --mgsnode=${mgs}@tcp1 --reformat --index=<new_index> /dev/sdd

Mount it and add to /etc/fstab

mount -t lustre /dev/sdd /var/mnt/ost003
blkid /dev/sdd

fstab should look similar to this:

UUID=92bece15-c163-457d-a027-ccfda6352bcd       /var/mnt/ost12  lustre  defaults,_netdev 0 0