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Life Goals

2008-09-16 01:06:20.99 by Michael 0.0 Comments
Tags: life diet

Lately I've been reflecting on life and thinking about where I want to be in the future. This covers several topics for me, work, education, family, etc. so I've been giving things a lot of thought. To accomplish this I've started making a list of goals and when I want to finish them, it helps me a lot to have things written down on the calendar and I will be keeping records along the way as well.

One of the first things that I plan to start on is getting back in shape again, I've started reading diet plans and workout plans so I have some ideas on what to do, my Army experience also helps with this and my benchmark will be using the APFT guidelines for my age group. My first try was a "no go," but I'm sure by next month I'll do a lot better. After all, they only give you 8 weeks in Basic and the difference in scores between your first test and last test is amazing.

I've also changed my eating habits over the last few days, I've started eating a lot more vegetables (green beans, carrots, etc.) so hopefully I don't get sick of them. After the last few years of eating crap it's about time to turn things around.